Judo Classes for Kids

Today every kid is addicted to mobiles & internet very much. Now, wait I am not saying that it is utterly useless it is not actually. But It surely has a huge negative health effect on kids, especially on eyes & brain. Physical activity at a young age is necessary as nobody gets enough time later in later life because of the intense pressure of studies & career. Judo helps in every aspect of a kids development. It’s physically intensive and trains a child’s brain to stay active under pressure. Not only it makes them strong physically but also they tend to become more focused on studies. Judo Classes for Kids are absolutely necessary as they can play, grow & learn at the same time.

Judo Classes for Kids

Philosophy of Judo

Judo is a martial art of throwing your opponent with speed, flexibility, power, and balance. These combined with joint locks & chokes makes it more effective for actual fight scenarios. Jodo skills combined with the proper timing throws your opponent with his own power. Moreover, this is a dream for anyone who has ever fought a single fight ever. What can be better than using your opponent strength and power against him in a real fight? Learn more about Judo & It’s philosophy here. One of the most important principals of Judo is maximum efficiency, minimum effort. No matter how big opponent is Judo is always applicable in some form or the other.

Importance of Judo for Kids

Let’s face it, We all have been there. Most of us (Parents) were bullied at some point or the school. You are lucky if you haven’t faced it. To put it differently, we could not fight back because of lack of skills & knowledge. Do you want your child to go through the same? Shouldn’t we do more for our little ones? Don’t know about you but I was the weakest child of my school. For this reason, I had to keep up with intense mental torture every other day. I fought with myself every day thinking one day it will change but it never did. I joined martial arts & learned how easy those days of my school could have been if I had the skills earlier.

Best Age for Kids to Learn Judo

I would say between 4 to 12 the the best time to start.¬†Register here for a training.¬† Don’t get worried about injuries it’s mostly minimum. Kids have greater flexibility & endurance than adults.

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