Martial Arts Training in Kolkata

Martial Arts Training in Kolkata

With each day forward our life & dignity is at stake. Either because of today’s Geo-Political situations or any other social circumstances. This is why Martial Arts Training is an essential skill that everyone should have today. Providing peer to peer security to each individual is impossible. No matter which government or institution you choose. It also doesn’t matter whether you plan it for your kids or adults, as it will benefit you always. A proper martial arts training center in Kolkata helps you achieve both. A stronger both your body with a peaceful mind. A professional or student of martial arts performs a lot better under stress. Because they are more habituated to these situations compared to others. Countries like China and Japan are well known for their martial arts training. They also tend to reach more in technological advancements compared to western countries. To make things simple Martial Arts Classes in Kolkata is a must if you live here in West Bengal or planning to move in. Our Martial Arts Training in Kolkata is well recognized across India. You can join a free class also to encourage yourself more.

You can only fight the way you practice ..

– Miyamoto Musashi

Types Of Martial Arts Training in Kolkata

When it comes to martial arts or self-defense training in Kolkata, you have a lot of choices. A vast list of Karate & Taekwondo training institute is already there. But they are more like a business than a proper self-defense training. If you have ever taken any martial arts training even the basic one. You should be very familiar with the terms like non-contact or semi-contact. In real life taking a Karate Training in Kolkata that only depends on scoring points is a total waste of time. You are training self-defence for an actual life-death scenario. Touch-n-back are good for scoring points but can get you killed in real life. If you can’t kick / punch your enemy hard, its over, you have got one life, one chance. For this reason alone your martial arts training may not be as effective as you thought in streets.

Popular Martial Arts Styles

It Starts With Meditation

I know, a lot of people disagree with me on this, you may be too. Let me explain, we all are living in a world with very short attention span. We have newspapers, tv’s, internet and so many distracting things. Martial Arts is a very intensive skill to have & sometimes your own life depends on it. It needs you to be calm even under intense pressure or life threat. Without proper meditation or yoga, you will not be able to focus on the things that matter. When every second count you have to be careful about how you are spending it. You need to understand each move. And practice it thousand times to become accustomed to doing it whenever needed. You will get to know the importance of meditation as you are learning martial arts.

Which Style to Join!

Martial Arts has a lot of variations. You have to choose one wisely. For beginners, Judo is one of the easiest forms of Martial arts in the world today. It has less complex steps to follow compared to other styles. Judo is also very effective you most people lose their strength after a full judo throw. This also means you need enough amount of strength to throw a person in the first place. Based on complexity next, we have Jujutsu. Jujitsu is a very common today because of various MMA Fights. Jujitsu or Brazilian jujitsu is well known because of ultra-powerful joint locks. I would encourage you to learn Jujitsu but not depend open it entirely. The reason behind is that it may not be as effective as it seems for real self-defence. Jujitsu combined with other styles like karate makes it a lot effective in real fights. Now lets talk about Karate as its still the most popular self-defence style in the world. Most people don’t realise that Karate itself is a defensive style than an attacking style. So its not about attacking others its about saving yourself from threats. In most Katas in karate you will see some kind of defence first then attack. From my experience its very very effective in actual fights if you can build the strength and speed. Karate can be very brutal in scenarios. Next there’s Muay Thai and no doubt its the most brutal martial arts ever. Fighters of Muay Thai in Thailand fights for life & for food. So no other martial arts comes even close to matching the brutality of Muay Thai.

What about Boxing or Kick-Boxing?

I have ignored them both as Boxing / Kick-Boxing are actually very limited. These styles are dependent only on power & speed only. This is enough for fighting with general people, not with trained martial artists.

The Best Martial Arts

Depends on how you define “best”. Whatever works for you is going to be the best. Most of the Martial Arts is a derivative of Kung-fu in some sort or other. So its safe to say kung-fu will always outrank other styles in the numbers of techniques. This also means its harder than the rest & takes a lot of time to get used to. Tai Chi, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Taiki-ken are all parts of Kung-fu. One last style that deserves a place as it is the father of Kung-fu itself. Its called as Kalaripayattu which actually originated in south India & spread via Bodhidharma. Today a hand full of people knows about Kalaripayattu and its one of those “dying styles”.

Benefits of Martial Arts Classes

Self-confidence : The greatest benefit of Martial Arts is also building your self-confidence. With continuous discipline and intense pressure, you become self-aware of your capabilities. You will feel always encouraged to do more because of your self-confidence. This habit of doing things will also unlock new possibilities in your life.
Healthy lifestyle : Practising Martial arts improve your whole body workout along with concentration. You tend to feel more attached to nature always. Your foods will reach closer to green. You are going to lose extra weight which has always slowed you down. This will also impact your long-term health and will make you a better person.
Improved Reflexes : Your reflexes and responsibility towards will also improve with time. The more you practice the more you become responsive to things that were casual earlier. You will find a lot of details in everything where others will simply not notice anything.
Morals and Values : You will know the value of having power because you have to earn it with hard work and patience. You will learn to respect others, value life.

Don't Regret Later

Before you join any martial arts classes in Kolkata, make your mind up. Prepare to fight not only physically but also mentally. If you don’t have the courage to stand for what if right forget about fighting for it. And also there is a lot of Martial Artists or so-called masters who have no skills but make a great presentation. They make money by doing so with even at the cost of your life. A huge problem in our society is that we choose to react only when something happens. We are living in a society where even a 3 month old child is not safe from predators. A child who could have been a good engineer, doctor or anything else she wanted. But has lost life because of our negligence. Remember its necessary to take action when you have the time. I request to train your child some self-defense, especially girl child Wing Chun. It helps a lot. Not only girls no one is safe in today’s world, look at our crime statistics. In the case you can’t afford the high training cost let us know we will take care of it. No child deserves this, we will train your child for free even it costs us money. Kung-fu in Kolkata should be absolutely necessary for every child without any if’s and but’s.

We build fighters for tomorrows Chaotic World

martial arts training in kolkata
Yes, we do! Our focus is to help you learn true martial arts in Kolkata. Defend yourself from a simple collar grabbing to hardcore street fight at the same time when you are preparing for your next competition. You can’t be afraid for a fight when your life depends on it. We provide most practical Karate training in Kolkata, Kung-Fu training in Kolkata and much more. Get in touch with us to learn true martial arts. Hope to see you in class soon. Good Bye for now & enroll yourself today!

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