Karate Classes in Kolkata

Karate Classes in Kolkata

Karate is a form of Martial Arts Training originated from The Ryukyu Kingdom which is a part of Japan today. It is mostly influenced by Chinees martial art. That’s why its also heavily focused on punching, kicking, elbow strikes & knee strikes. Generally, Karate Classes in Kolkata are mostly either non-contact or semi-contact competition fights. We believe that karate training should be more focused on actual fighting than just a mere showoff style. Learning Karate from childhood makes one stronger and tougher. Research says children with Karate Training will remain stronger till their old age. Their bones become more accustomed handling tough and harsh circumstances. The movement children make their karate classes makes them stronger physically & mentally. Moreover, their self-confidence builds up along with their ability to protect others. Moreover if you are looking for Kung-Fu Classes in Kolkata view the below banner.

Karate Teachers in Kolkata tend to market that having a Black Belt means you (students) are immune to threats. In reality, I have seen several Kyokushin Karate, Shotokan Karate(few others like Ashihara, Budokan) failed miserably in streets. Even though they are all black stripers of their respective styles. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying either Kyokushin karate or Shotokan karate is bad anyway. It’s just that the way you are being trained is not correct because fighting in a Dojo & on a street is a totally different scenario. There are no good style or bad style only good fighters or bad fighters in reality. Furthermore experts have combined the principals of physics with the science of karate. the results are amazing. The whole purpose of karate is to use channelize body’s energy into a specific direction. This not only makes each of your strikes harder but your body stronger in immunity. In short, if you practice it the right way, it’s going to make you both stronger & immune. To know more about our training methods and chief instructor reach us.

A Proper Karate Training Can Actually Train You to Break Bricks!

Karate Classes in Kolkata

 Yes, because a proper Karate training can not only break stufs but also save your time, effort & life. Think carefully, can you make excuses when a drunk chases you with a gun in his hand? Will you say that you are a Black Belt in Kyokushin karate/Shotokan karate or just fight for your life? We train our students for every possible fight scenarios. Our basic karate training classes include the course module, then Karate Kata (s) & then actual street fighting. Don’t worry we cover every bit with intense care. We can say You can start fresh today or can carry if you have any previous training.We can say this very proudly because we have the lowest student injury rate during training, surely it will hurt during conditioning but will not break your bones. Our teachers are medically trained so you won’t have to worry anything. If you choose to learn Karate, remember its not about only defense & offense. It’s a lifestyle that you are saying yes to. This means you learn to eat healthily, stay lean, fit & fast. A proper martial artist will take care of his culture and will never oppress a weak person.

Nunchaku Training In Kolkata

Karate Trains Your Mind

Karate changes your way of thinking, you will always have to keep adding knowledge to yourself. You will naturally learn to study human behaviour & phycology. Through proper Karate Training, you will learn to read & realise people around you. The best part is without even giving them a clue what are the things you already know about them. This will help you to read your opponent moves before he even moves. You can see it when you practice with a real karate master. He will predict your every move & actions even before you consciously thinking about it. The more you get involved your taste in music will change & become like theirs. I remember I used to listen to a lot of traditional Japanese instrumental music at my training.

Meditation is Important

Attention is one of the most imporant things in the way of learing Karate. Every true martial artist has one thing common they meditate to achieve inner peace. If you are not focus or too bothered by situations then its bad for you. We train yoga specifically to help you overcome the stress of todays lifestyle. A general practise is to meditate everyday, practise karate 3/4 days. On other days you can take a walk or run as you like. Although Karate training is for 24 hours a day 365 days a year, there should be some physical rest. Everybody needs rest and you will need it more as your body is going to work more than others. Remember something very important even if you are not physically training yourself. You are being physically active always. this makes a huge impact in later life. Yoga helps to control a lot of things even though it seems you are actually doing nothing. Meditation is also important because a calm and quiet mind will be able to focus more and focus clearer. In a real fight which could mean life death for you or anyone from your family. The least expected thing from you is to lose is the focus. Meditation helps you calm down even under heavy pressure.

Basic Nunchaku Training Video

Discipline Yourself

You have to always keep in mind when you are not practicing, your opponent is. When you are having a drink with your friend in a bar someone else is practicing hard. Unless you become 100% sure what your goals are it’s better not to join Karate Classes near you. Self-discipline will help you achieve, the most important factor inside you. When you do the same move every day you become habituated. When you repeat your habits every day you become a master of that skill. Similarly, when you self-discipline yourself to practice karate moves every day. You will become better than what you are today. But it will never happen if you don’t know how to control yourself.

Your Best Friend and Enemy

Is You. You heard it right. Let me explain why every Karate school will tell you they are going to teach you the most authentic Karate ever. Its almost like having a gift of god too good to be true. The reality is quite harsh. Remember it’s you who are going to fight, it’s you who are going to train. And the most important thing it’s you who are going to fight. if you are not ready to fight you are going to face the consequences no one else. Trust yourself that you can & start working on it. Reaching a goal starts from thinking about it. The more you prepare yourself the more confident you become. The fight starts from a psychology if you faint even before you start there is no way you are going to win it anyway. Defining yourself if one of the key factors of being happy. You surely know you don’t have enough skills. When something inside your head tells you always that you may get raped, murdered or kidnapped. You can’t simply hide somewhere your entire life. One day or the other you will have to fight with your fear or else you will fight all your life with yourself. Your institute can be affiliated with Karate Association but it means nothing in a real fight.

It is Better than Going to the Gym

I have noticed this trend over the years. People tend to focus on having a Big Body Structure. They have a general idea that big means powerful. With this in mind, people join gym every day, take supplements & more. In the end, those people are actually gaining mass with the cost of destroying their own body. The gym doesn’t actually make your body they destroy them. Ask this to anyone who has ever lived that life & left it for few years. Specially supplements destroy your natural immunity & working stamina. You are forcing your body to do something biologically in a very short time. Joining Karate or any martial arts in Kolkata. Will help you reach more in long run but you will see very nominal short time effect. So join martial arts rather than a gym.

Best Karate Classes in Kolkata

There are dozens of Karate training schools in Kolkata, Why choose us. Think for a second if your primary goal is to fight only in tournaments, showing off ur flying kicks you can join anyone. But if you want to learn true Karate & save your life first, join only us. Because we train our students for every possible fight scenarios. Our basic karate training classes include the course module, then Karate Kata (s) & then actual street fighting. Don’t worry we cover every bit with intense care. You can start fresh today or carry your experience if you have taken any previous Karate classes. Don’t worry if you have forgotten any Karate move names. or if you want to know the history of Karate in india.
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