Kung Fu Classes for Adults

India is a country filled with mysteries, religions, languages, masalas & much more. According to Worldometers Population Report India has 132+ crore people. With ever-increasing population & struggle for living severe life, threats are also increasing rapidly. Crimes are becoming very common as law & order is constantly ignored by the people with power. It is frustrating to live in fear if you don’t know how to defend yourself. Sure there are people with huge connections from Ministers to Police but all it takes for a bullet to kill you is just a trigger & a person with insanity. No amount of candle march can bring you back. So Kung Fu Classes for adults are necessary irrespective of their age, gender & work profile.

Kung Fu Classes for Adults

Reality Check before learing Kung-Fu

It’s simply not as easy as shown in movies. I know it may have disappointed you but this is the truth. Kung-Fu takes years of hard work & practice. People think it is easy like other sports. But in reality, it’s much more than just a sport. Most people I have talked to personally either thinks its magic or something that doesn’t work in real life. Both of these statements are wrong. I assure you will say the same if you choose to have real Kung-Fu training. There are two main basic fundamental parts of Kung-fu first technique and devotion. The 1st part takes you through various striking principals, pressure points, joint locks etc the 2nd part is where you perfect those skills with intense concentration & care. It is gonna take time to learn so don’t waste it .

Can adults learn Kung-Fu?

Yes, everyone can but .. yes there is a but. I remember my training I started my training at my 28. In the beginning, it was exhausting mostly but with time it got harder & harder. I remember for me the hardest part was the stretching. As a result, it still freaks me out sometimes. The disadvantage of an adult over a child is that their bone joints tend to get stiffer with age. Everything else puts you through no physical or biological limitation. The more you practice the more you get better each day. Join us if you are planning to start learning Kung-Fu.

How long does it take?

It really depends on you & your chosen training method. On average reaching towards a black belt takes almost 3-4 years. For people more into it takes around 2.5 but nothing less than that. Moreover, the time each day you practice plays a very critical role. In the beginning, every technique tends to take time to get used to. Of course, once you have the basics ready you learn faster. Generally, you can expect the change in your strength by the end of the first year. Surely it will motivate you to involve more into Kung-Fu once you see the results in yourself.

Should I Try Other Options !

Well, people are savvy these days. You can jump between different martial arts styles for sure but I’ll advise not to. From my experience, Kung-Fu, in general, is the best option for adults. Other styles are more or less involved in aggressive fighting but Kung-Fu focuses on the harmony of life. You will learn more, enjoy more & understand more with time. We also provide Kung Fu Classes for Adults for our readers,feel free to join today.

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