Understand The Basic Definition

Self-Defence – Any actions that you take when feel threatened can be considered as self-defense. Let me explain, Let’s say you are standing on a cricket field & you see the ball is headed towards you, naturally, your instinct will drive you to catch it. Now twist the example a little bit. What if that was a stone instead of a ball now you will feel threatened & your instinct will tell you to move out as fast as possible. So this explains our natural behavior to stay out of the way when feeling threatened. Now before comparing martial arts and self defense side by side lets also understand the definition of martial arts.

Martial Arts – The way of reacting to a threat based on your instinct in a better organized & prepared way is known as martial art. The term Art is used as these skills are hard earned & there are generally no shortcuts. The kind of effort & practice it requires turns the practitioner an Artist & the act a perfect Art.

martial arts and self defense

Martial Arts and Self Defense

Okay, Don’t stress yourself. In the most simple terms, self-defense is a way of saving yourself from external injuries on the other hand martial art is a way of perfecting it. Martial art has several branches. From basic Judo to Kung-Fu each & every style is designed to protect you in case of emergency. You can have a look on the all different martial arts styles around. Moreover if you are still confused about which one to train, I would highly suggest you to go for aformal  Chinese kung-fu training in Kolkata.

Best Martial Arts for Self Defense

Before you get confused any further, let me tell you that there is no martial art that is better than other in any way. Each one is designed in a very specific way to achieve best possible results. Surely some styles are more complex than others but in the end, they all are designed for the same. In every style, there was some master who fought 10 men at a time or more but it doesn’t mean you can do the same. This clearly means there are only good fighters or bad fighters ( i.e Martial Artist’s), not good style or bad style.

Which One Should You Join?

You can join any, the name doesn’t matter much if you practice well. But my suggestion will be Kung-fu always. Surely its more complex, time taking & harder but it will get you the highest returns in the long run. You can join our classes or contact us if you have any further questions.

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