Who would win an unarmed fight between "A" and "B"

I have been asked this at least a million times in my career and today I am taking the opportunity to answer it. Well as the question says the variables A/B can be anyone trained in Karate, Kung-Fu, Muay Thai or any other styles. Well, what I have learned over the years for being a teacher and practitioner. No style is better than the other one. What it means the best fighter wins the fight, not his style. I remember at 2007 I was in Mumbai for a match, there I saw a fight between a muay thai guy with a karate guy. The muay thai fighter almost decimated the karate guy. I heard a small group saying “How would he(Karate Guy) win against the Muay Thai anyway”. This way of thinking is a problem. The fight is between two fighters not between the styles. There can be other Karate Practitioners who would have defeated the muay thai guy. This never translates to as a style is better than the other one. A better example can be a fight between two muay thai practitioner, the winner and the looser are both from muay thai. So here also even though the practice the same style the best fighter wins not his style.

## Point to Remember:- In a real fight there are other things to consider more than Good/Bad Fighters. like environment, physical stamina, mental stress, socio-political pressure, and others. We had a student on our karate classes in saltlake named Abhijit. So he trained for almost 8+ hours straight from the day he started. He was almost the perfect material for a good martial artist. He moved to Delhi for some reason but always kept in touch. One day I heard he had a pretty bad street fight. I called him up and he said, “I could not even throw a punch or kick, my body felt numb…….” This should give you a better idea. No matter how good a fighter you are, the situation can always fight back against you. He was not supposed to get beaten by an untrained person but he did, that’s the cold hard reality. So we should not jump on to any conclusions at any given moment.

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