Who would win an unarmed fight between “A” and “B”

Who would win an unarmed fight between "A" and "B"

I have been asked this at least a million times in my career and today I am taking the opportunity to answer it. Well as the question says the variables A/B can be anyone trained in Karate, Kung-Fu, Muay Thai or any other styles. Well, what I have learned over the years for being a teacher and practitioner. No style is better than the other one. What it means the best fighter wins the fight, not his style. I remember at 2007 I was in Mumbai for a match, there I saw a fight between a muay thai guy with a karate guy. The muay thai fighter almost decimated the karate guy. I heard a small group saying “How would he(Karate Guy) win against the Muay Thai anyway”. This way of thinking is a problem. The fight is between two fighters not between the styles. There can be other Karate Practitioners who would have defeated the muay thai guy. This never translates to as a style is better than the other one. A better example can be a fight between two muay thai practitioner, the winner and the looser are both from muay thai. So here also even though the practice the same style the best fighter wins not his style.

## Point to Remember:- In a real fight there are other things to consider more than Good/Bad Fighters. like environment, physical stamina, mental stress, socio-political pressure, and others. We had a student on our karate classes in saltlake named Abhijit. So he trained for almost 8+ hours straight from the day he started. He was almost the perfect material for a good martial artist. He moved to Delhi for some reason but always kept in touch. One day I heard he had a pretty bad street fight. I called him up and he said, “I could not even throw a punch or kick, my body felt numb…….” This should give you a better idea. No matter how good a fighter you are, the situation can always fight back against you. He was not supposed to get beaten by an untrained person but he did, that’s the cold hard reality. So we should not jump on to any conclusions at any given moment.

Yoga Classes in Kolkata

Yoga Classes in Kolkata

Yoga Classes in Kolkata

Practicing Yoga is one of the key elements for healthier life. Yoga classes in Kolkata is as easy as finding a salon these days. But the most painful thing is people use it as a business formula than respecting its essence. As humans, we abuse most of the resources until its destroyed. Our body is one of the biggest gifts of nature. We have forced it to intake toxins every day with painkillers or fuchkas. There is still hope for tomorrow so keep reading.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a combination of Physical, Mental & Spiritual Practices for a healthy life. The origin of yoga almost dates back to 11th century in India. It has a huge influence on Hinduism, Buddhism & Jainism. Although in Rigveda we find indications of Yoga in sixth and fifth centuries BCE. Yoga has several mental & physical benefits but you need to practice it with extreme care. I would suggest you join our yoga classes in Kolkata because we have the best yoga instructor(s) in Kolkata.

Benefits of Yoga in Human Body

Yoga Classes in Kolkata
“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”

01. Yoga builds Flexibility and Strength :

Let me share you my own story. I am a Karate practitioner & I do need flexibility in muscles both for high kicks & stances. I remember my muscles were stiffest when I started practicing and I had to struggle a lot for that. In the meantime, I found a Yoga Guru who helped me stretch with yoga postures. If I can you can too! With the continuous practice of yoga, you can improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

02. Yoga helps in Physiological Functions :

Yoga not only makes you stronger from outside it builds you from inside too. It helps in stress relief & immunity building of our body.
Yoga also to reduces blood pressure & cholesterol, blood glucose levels, lipid profiles etc.
Lung Function, chronic back pain, inflation & swelling can also cure with proper Yogasana. It also increases our bone strength if practiced for prolonged years. Halasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana & Anuloma-Viloma are Yoga’s for nerve problems too.


03. Yoga helps in Psychological Health :

If you are having issues with sleep or depression then Yoga is going to do some magic with you. Any adult or child going through insomnia or depression can get in a better mental state in few days. Yoga improves concentration, so students can get a full advantage in studies.

Some Yoga Postures

Benefits of Yoga in Weight Loss

If You desire to lose weight, Yoga is going help you for sure. Utkatasana and Sarvangasana helps lose weight faster. Regular practice of this yoga, you build strength in the core, which helps elderly people. If you are looking for best Yoga Training Centre or Yoga Instructor in Kolkata

I would request you to join our classes & deside yourself.

When Was Karate Invented

Karate Classes in Kolkata

Understanding Karate

The Meaning: Most Karate students don’t even understand the name of their own style of martial art. The term karate came from the characters Kara (Meaning – China) and te (Meaning – Hand). Later  Japan modified the meaning of kara to “empty” so it became Empty Handed. Over time, the emphasis of hands in Karate changed to kicks. Because kicks are more spectacular for spectators. And they’re awarded more points than hand strikes in tournaments. So, students tend to work harder on improving their kicks and less on their hands. Yet Karate was a hand oriented martial art by origin. Before we now when was karate invented let’s read more.

Invention : 

When was Karate invented Shihan? A very common question asked each day by thousands of disciples. Now to clarify things better we have to put some light on the history of Karate itself. Karate is a defensive martial art originated from Japan’s Ryukyu Kingdom. Today it is one of the most well known martial art & Olympic Sport around the globe. We encourage you to join our Karate training classes in Kolkata to know more. The true history & essence of this ancient martial art is can be tested only by practising it.

Imortant Persons, Dates and Books

Actually When was Karate Invented?

In 1921-22 but the evlution started way back in 1853 approximately

Karate history in India?

when was karate invented - bodhidharma

Bodhidharma, the 28th ancestor in the tradition of Gautam Buddha. He originated from India and sent out to spread Buddhism. He not only spread religion but also taught martial arts, Yoga & Ayurveda. One of such places was Ryukyu Islands (now known as Okinawa,  Japan ). With the help of direct Chinese influence through trade and culture, it was possible. But King Sho Hashi of Chuzan in 1429 banned all Ryu Kyuans from possessing weapons. So the only way left for self-defense was “Empty Handed”. The residents of Shuri, Naha and Tomari regions practiced & kept it a secret. Later a modified version of this became karate. Hence you can say it all started from India. But evolved in different regions/ countries according to their needs.

Judo Classes for Kids

Judo Classes for Kids

Judo Classes for Kids

Today every kid is addicted to mobiles & internet very much. Now, wait I am not saying that it is utterly useless it is not actually. But It surely has a huge negative health effect on kids, especially on eyes & brain. Physical activity at a young age is necessary as nobody gets enough time later in later life because of the intense pressure of studies & career. Judo helps in every aspect of a kids development. It’s physically intensive and trains a child’s brain to stay active under pressure. Not only it makes them strong physically but also they tend to become more focused on studies. Judo Classes for Kids are absolutely necessary as they can play, grow & learn at the same time.

Judo Classes for Kids

Philosophy of Judo

Judo is a martial art of throwing your opponent with speed, flexibility, power, and balance. These combined with joint locks & chokes makes it more effective for actual fight scenarios. Jodo skills combined with the proper timing throws your opponent with his own power. Moreover, this is a dream for anyone who has ever fought a single fight ever. What can be better than using your opponent strength and power against him in a real fight? Learn more about Judo & It’s philosophy here. One of the most important principals of Judo is maximum efficiency, minimum effort. No matter how big opponent is Judo is always applicable in some form or the other.

Importance of Judo for Kids

Let’s face it, We all have been there. Most of us (Parents) were bullied at some point or the school. You are lucky if you haven’t faced it. To put it differently, we could not fight back because of lack of skills & knowledge. Do you want your child to go through the same? Shouldn’t we do more for our little ones? Don’t know about you but I was the weakest child of my school. For this reason, I had to keep up with intense mental torture every other day. I fought with myself every day thinking one day it will change but it never did. I joined martial arts & learned how easy those days of my school could have been if I had the skills earlier.

Best Age for Kids to Learn Judo

I would say between 4 to 12 the the best time to start. Register here for a training.  Don’t get worried about injuries it’s mostly minimum. Kids have greater flexibility & endurance than adults.

Martial Arts and Self Defense

martial arts and self defense

Understand The Basic Definition

Self-Defence – Any actions that you take when feel threatened can be considered as self-defense. Let me explain, Let’s say you are standing on a cricket field & you see the ball is headed towards you, naturally, your instinct will drive you to catch it. Now twist the example a little bit. What if that was a stone instead of a ball now you will feel threatened & your instinct will tell you to move out as fast as possible. So this explains our natural behavior to stay out of the way when feeling threatened. Now before comparing martial arts and self defense side by side lets also understand the definition of martial arts.

Martial Arts – The way of reacting to a threat based on your instinct in a better organized & prepared way is known as martial art. The term Art is used as these skills are hard earned & there are generally no shortcuts. The kind of effort & practice it requires turns the practitioner an Artist & the act a perfect Art.

martial arts and self defense

Martial Arts and Self Defense

Okay, Don’t stress yourself. In the most simple terms, self-defense is a way of saving yourself from external injuries on the other hand martial art is a way of perfecting it. Martial art has several branches. From basic Judo to Kung-Fu each & every style is designed to protect you in case of emergency. You can have a look on the all different martial arts styles around. Moreover if you are still confused about which one to train, I would highly suggest you to go for aformal  Chinese kung-fu training in Kolkata.

Best Martial Arts for Self Defense

Before you get confused any further, let me tell you that there is no martial art that is better than other in any way. Each one is designed in a very specific way to achieve best possible results. Surely some styles are more complex than others but in the end, they all are designed for the same. In every style, there was some master who fought 10 men at a time or more but it doesn’t mean you can do the same. This clearly means there are only good fighters or bad fighters ( i.e Martial Artist’s), not good style or bad style.

Which One Should You Join?

You can join any, the name doesn’t matter much if you practice well. But my suggestion will be Kung-fu always. Surely its more complex, time taking & harder but it will get you the highest returns in the long run. You can join our classes or contact us if you have any further questions.

Kung Fu Classes for Adults

Kung Fu Classes for Adults

India is a country filled with mysteries, religions, languages, masalas & much more. According to Worldometers Population Report India has 132+ crore people. With ever-increasing population & struggle for living severe life, threats are also increasing rapidly. Crimes are becoming very common as law & order is constantly ignored by the people with power. It is frustrating to live in fear if you don’t know how to defend yourself. Sure there are people with huge connections from Ministers to Police but all it takes for a bullet to kill you is just a trigger & a person with insanity. No amount of candle march can bring you back. So Kung Fu Classes for adults are necessary irrespective of their age, gender & work profile.

Kung Fu Classes for Adults

Reality Check before learing Kung-Fu

It’s simply not as easy as shown in movies. I know it may have disappointed you but this is the truth. Kung-Fu takes years of hard work & practice. People think it is easy like other sports. But in reality, it’s much more than just a sport. Most people I have talked to personally either thinks its magic or something that doesn’t work in real life. Both of these statements are wrong. I assure you will say the same if you choose to have real Kung-Fu training. There are two main basic fundamental parts of Kung-fu first technique and devotion. The 1st part takes you through various striking principals, pressure points, joint locks etc the 2nd part is where you perfect those skills with intense concentration & care. It is gonna take time to learn so don’t waste it .

Can adults learn Kung-Fu?

Yes, everyone can but .. yes there is a but. I remember my training I started my training at my 28. In the beginning, it was exhausting mostly but with time it got harder & harder. I remember for me the hardest part was the stretching. As a result, it still freaks me out sometimes. The disadvantage of an adult over a child is that their bone joints tend to get stiffer with age. Everything else puts you through no physical or biological limitation. The more you practice the more you get better each day. Join us if you are planning to start learning Kung-Fu.

How long does it take?

It really depends on you & your chosen training method. On average reaching towards a black belt takes almost 3-4 years. For people more into it takes around 2.5 but nothing less than that. Moreover, the time each day you practice plays a very critical role. In the beginning, every technique tends to take time to get used to. Of course, once you have the basics ready you learn faster. Generally, you can expect the change in your strength by the end of the first year. Surely it will motivate you to involve more into Kung-Fu once you see the results in yourself.

Should I Try Other Options !

Well, people are savvy these days. You can jump between different martial arts styles for sure but I’ll advise not to. From my experience, Kung-Fu, in general, is the best option for adults. Other styles are more or less involved in aggressive fighting but Kung-Fu focuses on the harmony of life. You will learn more, enjoy more & understand more with time. We also provide Kung Fu Classes for Adults for our readers,feel free to join today.

Basic Karate Move Names

Basic Karate Move Names

Basic Blocks ==> Uke = Block, Sita = Down, Ago = Up, Ushiro = Back,
Gedan = Lower Body, Chudan = Middle Body, Jodan = Upper Body

  1. Sita+Uke = Sitauke = Downward Block
  2. Age+Uke = Ageuke = Upward block
  3. Usiro+ Uke = Usirouke = Back Block
  4. Shutouke = Knifehand Block
  5. Soto (UDE) Uke = Outside (Forearm) Block
  6. Teisho Uke = Palm Heel Block
  7. Uchi Uke = Inside (Forearm) Block
  8. Hiza Uke = A block using knee
  9. Hiji Uke = blocking by the elbow

Basic Punch

  1. Gedan Tuski = Lower Abdomen Punch
  2. Chudan Tuski = Solar plexus (Chest) Punch
  3. Zodan Tuski = Face Punch

Basic Kicks

  1. Kikomi Geri – Side Kick
  2. Maisi Geri – Kick in Upper Abdomen
  3. Ushiro Geri – Back Kick
  4. Kin Geri – Kick by lower part of the leg (Between lateral Malleolus and Calcaneus)
  5. Maikiji Geri – Face Kick by Front Portion of the leg
  6. Kihon Geri – Front Chest kick with bottom of leg
  7. Mausi – Kick with Upper side of the leg


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